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Version 2005

Build 5056 <.p> Projetex 2006

  • Minor enhancements.

  • Build 5055

  • Column "Net Job Total" added for Invoices and POs.

  • Build 5054

  • Minor enhancements (report variables).

  • Build 5053

  • Multiple minor enhancements (work with custom fields).

  • Build 5052

  • Several field sizes increased by users' request.

  • Build 5051

  • Sorting of columns improved.

  • Build 5050

  • Minor enhancements.

  • Build 5049

  • Minor enhancements.

  • Build 5048

  • Additional Color Status for POs without Invoices (when using From Invoice Date payment terms).

  • Build 5046

  • New Project based on Quote feature upgraded (automatic copying of files, jump to created Project).

  • Build 5045

  • Deletion of Client with all relative records is possible now (e.g. for cleaning up demo records in database). Alternatively, you may install empty database.

  • Build 5040

  • Invoices in the middle of the range can now be deleted.

  • Client Quotes — major upgrade (Multi-Item Quotes).

  • Projects can be created on the basis of Quotes.

  • Build 5039

  • Font name and Font size in tables can be customized (see Settings -> Current User -> Fonts and Sizes).

  • Automatic adjustment of column width to the size of the longest field (MS-Excel – like behaviour) by double-clicking during selection:

    Build 5037

  • Service and Group columns added in New/Edit dialog boxes of Client Invoices, JAs, and POs.

    Build 5036

  • Display of Postal Address format in dialog boxes can be customized.

  • AnyCount can help you generate multiple client jobs at once (AnyCount button in Tree page of Project window).

  • Time of project start can be entered in Assigned part of timeline in Projects, Quotes, and Jobs.

  • Automatic display of Productivity added in New/Edit Corporate Job dialog box.

    Build 5035

  • Resizable splitters added on Main pages of Client, Project, Corporate Expert, Freelancer windows.

  • Report Engine at Tree page of Project window upgraded to reflect usability enhancements introduced in 5033.

    Build 5033

  • Major usability enhancement for Project Tree.

  • Corporate Expenses added.

    Build 5028

  • Group of Services column added to all tables, which contain Services.

    Build 5027

  • Additional Phone 3 and Phone 4 data fields in Contact Info for Clients, Corporate Experts and Freelancers;

  • Optional photos in Contact Info for Corporate Experts and Freelancers.

    Build 5025

  • New shortcuts for Navigator:
    F5 — Clients;
    F6 — Projects;
    F7 — Corporate Experts;
    F8 — Freelancers.

  • Update Past Folders feature for Project Folders.

  • New format for storing of templates (.pxr2), which now contains example report and description, in addition to report template.

  • Template variables can now be assigned to custom fields as well.

  • Font color of currently selected row can be customized; XLS-export is enhanced, it is now completely standalone, does not depend on installed Microsoft® Excel.

    Build 5021

  • Expert jobs can be cloned.

  • Charts for Client Accounts, Project Accounts, Freelance Accounts.

  • Custom Reports.

  • Custom Queries.

  • Global Codes for Invoices and POs can be enabled to reset between separate years.

  • Customization of Global Code (prefixes, suffixes).

  • Custom Filter for Clients, Experts and Projects.

  • Export and Print is possible from most pages.

  • Customization of folder structure.

  • Photos can be added to contacts.

  • Speed of RTF-output optimized.

  • Ability to view AHC (Average Hourly Cost) of all corporate experts can be disabled for any Project Manager.

    Build 5007

  • Minimum Fee added to Quotes.

  • Search of Freelance Experts improved.

  • Communication with price-list is now two-way, it is possible to transfer prices of particular quotes or jobs into price-list.

  • Additional filters for Invoices.

  • Additional filters for POs.

  • Greater compatibility between TO3000 and Projetex templates.

  • Special type of user: Corporate Expert, with ability to view only own JAs and expert jobs.

  • Export of data introduced in several parts of the program.

  • Printing of data introduced in several parts of the program.

    Build 5001

  • Original Public Release.

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    Tatutrad (Sevilla, Spain) is a professional team that has decided to join forces in order to provide comprehensive service for world-wide clients and to carry on working as freelance professionals. The company works with most languages and relies on collaborators from all over the world.

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