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5 Things Successful Translators Don’t Do

Success for translators never happens by chance. If someone is successful already, it is difficult to define what exactly caused that to happen. It is much easier to identify what these successful people don’t do in order to learn what to avoid to achieve greater progress in a career. As long as translators stay away from these deconstructive things, the rest will come as a matter of course.

#1 They don’t rely on chance to solve a problem.
If you are in a state of permanent rush, make mistakes, and miss your deadlines, don’t wait for a miracle to better respond to the expanded workload. Just know that without proper planning, you will find yourself stuck sifting through old paperwork, getting in deeper and deeper. Take control of the situation by using TO3000 or Projetex 3D, which will help you to be strategic and more efficient.
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#2 They don’t ignore current developments in the industry.
Successful translators are always aware of what’s going on in the area of modern translation technologies. They were the first users who started counting website content with AnyCount 3D and carried out prospects management with Projetex 3D, while enjoying the knowledgebase, built-in mail sender, dynamic reports, dashboard, and improved calendars.
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#3 They don’t neglect their business development.
If the prosperous freelance translator has too many clients and too many projects, he won’t say no to new translation jobs. He will understand that he has reached a crucial moment when it’s time to expand his business and move forward. Some translators start their own translation agency and migrate from TO3000 to Projetex in order to reach greater heights.
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#4 They don’t underestimate the potential of their TMS.
Unfortunately, very often we don’t know the full power of the software tools we use daily. They are complicated, and we are too busy. The irony is that we spend much more time on our routine instead of giving priority to learning our software in order to manage administrative duties more quickly. Learn your TMS and make the best use of it.
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#5 They don’t miss the last train. Do invest in yourself and your translation business.
Never miss opportunities to do what you want to do the way you want to do it. If you strive for a successful translation business, don’t let this January special slip through your fingers. This is the last chance during January to get Projetex, TO3000, or AnyCount at 3/4 of the regular price. The clock is ticking on this deal, so act now.
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With best regards,
Maria Gaydukova
AIT Software Development Team



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