Translation3000 Newsletter, March 2011

Dear Collegues,

We are pleased to share the following news with you:

I. Projetex 8.0.70 – New Major Feature.

II. Projetex 8 – New Business Cases.

III. AIT gets ATA Member Provider status.

IV. 21 days – 21 per cent off all AIT products!

… and now let us get down to details:

I. Projetex 8.0.70 – New Major Feature.

We have released another update to Version 8 of Projetex: Translation Management System.
Projetex Server already serves as central point for exchange of project files in many translation agencies.

Update 8.0.70 introduces another dimension to translation workflow of project managers and translators.

It can be compared to time machine for your project files. Now every time you upload the file to Projetex Server it is assigned unique version number. You can get ANY previous version of ANY file at ANY time you wish. You have both intelligent backup solution and review mechanism.

Update is recommended and free for registered users. It is available from web-site.

We continue our development work based on your suggestions. You may expect even more features and enhancements during coming months. All updates are available free of charge to registered users.

II. Projetex 8 – New Business Cases.

Projetex powers more than 700 translation agencies in 59 countries of the world. If you are new to Projetex, you can now read about experience of your colleagues in other translation agencies. At the moment 12 translation agencies tell how Projetex helps them to organize their work processes:

Rosario Traducciones y Servicios S.A. (Argentina) – 1 Server, 7 Workstations

Technografia (Greece) – 1 Server, 5 workstations

Master Translation Services (China) – 1 Server, 25 Workstations

Absolute Translations (United Kingdom) – 1 Server, 5 Workstations

Sentro (Turkey) – 1 Server, 15 Workstations (Poland) – 1 Server, 7 Workstations

AD 3DOORS (Estonia) – 1 Server, 5 Workstations

McFelder Translations (Spain) – 1 Server, 5 Workstations

Hunnect (Hungary) – 1 Server, 17 Workstations (Bulgaria) – 1 Server, 5 Workstations

Palex (Russia) – 1 Server, 15 Workstations

Atlantic Language Services – 1 Server, 5 Workstations

Geneva Worldwide (USA) – 1 Server, 5 Workstations

Both PDF and online business cases are available for viewing and download from Business Cases section of Testimonials page on

III. AIT is the first software development company to get ATA Member Provider Status.

AIT is well-known by its innovations. We do our best to be the first in many areas. It was a real pleasure for us to learn that we are the first software development company, which successfully went through strict ATA Member Provider Application process.

If you are member of American Translator Association, you can claim your benefits at the member-only link:

If you are not ATA member, you still can enjoy time-limited offer in the next section of our newsletter.

IV. 10 products, 21 days, 21% Off!

Over 12 years AIT has built 10 software products for translators and translation agencies. You can purchase any of them with 21% discount from 29 March to 18 April.

The link will be available during 21 days:

That’s all current news… We wish you business and personal success! Happy translating!

Sincerely yours,

Vladimir Pedchenko,

Managing Director,

and AIT Software Development Team:

Alexander Vaga, Oleksandr Smerychansky, Sergey Snicarenko,

Vitaly Pedchenko, Yaroslav Mykhailovskiy, Alexandr Dyatlov,

Alexandr Yarosevich, Vitaly Nikolaev, Konstantin Kolychev,

Stanislav Korobka, Elena Pilipenko, Olga Yaroshovets,

Anatoliy But, Pavlo Slatinskyi, Olga Shykura,

Yevgeniy Kurinnoy, Alexey Isaenko, Mykola Antoniuk,

Anton Kulikov, Svyatoslav Chernyaev, Olga Shtefan,

Maksim Karganov, Igor Martynyuk,

your friends and colleagues at Advanced International Translations


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Prevodi.Bg and Projetex: essential in providing high quality Ltd (Bulgaria) is a licensed Bulgarian translation agency that has concentrated all its attention and efforts on the translations and strives to offer the best Bulgarian translation service to its clients.

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