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Tallinn, Estonia

AD 3DOORS OÜ (LLC) has been using Projetex project management software for translation agencies since 2005.

Looking back we can now state that when we tried to pick the right project management software we had no idea how right we were in making this decision.

Before …

Before starting to use project management software we were working with a system of standard Excel spreadsheets, but it could no longer meet the requirements of a growing company. Our current database on the other hand is like a heart that keeps the whole organism functioning.

… and now

Earlier our project managers used to enter data manually in the tables and compile any necessary reports separately in Excel, but now there is no need for all that. Projetex database produces the various reports and overviews we need with just one click. This gives us significant savings in valuable working time and resources.

Using Projetex software helps us save at least a quarter of the working hours that would otherwise be spent on:

  • Managing the data related to translation projects and reporting
  • Managing the data related to customers and translators,
  • Managing and calculating the fees for outsourced services,
  • Invoicing,
  • Generating reports,
  • Searching for various information and materials,
  • Exchanging information among ourselves.

Krista, Manager:

“The database gives to the management all the information necessary for making management decisions, it allows us to monitor the activities of project managers and analyse various reports. Thanks to Projetex we can create any reports at any moment and keep abreast with the developments in the company. Just wonderful.”

The quality of translation services is based on clearly and uniformly documented workflow

AD 3DOORS offers its customers a full service supported by the Projetex database.

The basis of high-quality translation services is a uniform workflow and the possibility of entering and monitoring work stages along with data storage.

Projetex provides a documented overview of the translation project workflow as follows:

  • Making a quote,
  • Saving an accepted quote and transforming it into a translation project with just one click,
  • Adding to the project all the services we provide (translation, proofreading, DTP service, printing service),
  • Adding intermediate and final deadlines to the project,
  • Sending purchase orders to cooperation partners,
  • Delivering and storing completed projects,
  • Settling payments with customers and translators,
  • Monitoring adherence to due dates,
  • Monitoring the schedules of all translation projects in parallel,
  • Analysis of reports.

Maret, Project Manager:

“Thanks to Projetex our work is easier and we have a good overview of translation projects. I particularly like that I can add to projects all the files and information related to that project. It is very convenient to invoice customers, because we have a clear overview of all the projects of that customer. We also have in one central location all the information about our customers: from their addresses to rates and other agreed terms and conditions. I also value the possibility of monitoring project balances.”

Kadri Carmen, Project Manager:

“I like the search options of the database, I can quickly find the information I need for my work.”

We have based our work on the online database principle – all project managers can substitute each other at any stage of the work.

This is only possible in the case of sufficient and easily available information. It isn’t important for customers or translators which of the project managers are working with them, they just need quick answers to their questions and that the workflow is as smooth as possible.

The Projetex software has been very handy for achieving that aim. The fact that our company is based in several towns has also presented no problems.

Krista, Manager:

“Projetex helps us conveniently implement the basic rule established for our company that the workflow must be constantly documented. Thus the project management in AD 3DOORS OÜ corresponds to the rules of the translation service standard.”


Projetex as an archive and data bank

In addition to helping us manage translation projects Projetex is also our vitally important data bank.

Benefits of Projetex:

  • Tracking customer history,
  • Tracking translator history,
  • Storage of all translation projects along with all related files,
  • The possibility of assisting our customers, for example in case they need some materials again in two years’ time,
  • The possibility of storing any necessary instructions, translation memories, auxiliary materials, etc. for future projects.

Ragne, Project Manager:

“Projetex is like a bookmark that helps keep track of everything.”

Maret, Project Manager:

“Projetex is an important tool for us and in these six years has become our capacious archive and significant source of information. Projetex is helping us manage our information resources.”

Interesting fact

Projetex was even useful at the time of Estonia’s transition to the euro on January 1, 2011. We could complete working with the projects tied to the old currency and smoothly change over to the new, while storing all the projects related to the old currency in our archive.

Thus Projetex has turned out to be very user-friendly project management software in every sense.


Krista Suislepp-Purru,




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