Translation3000 Newsletter, February 2011

Dear Colleagues,

You have not heard from us since December 2010. I hope you did not have time to miss us and had a lot of vibrant profitable business! We have been asked by many users to provide updates more often and change newsletter to text format. You may probably like this change as well.

We are pleased to share the following news with you:

I. Projetex 8 – New Update.
II. Extra Bonus for New Projetex Users.
III. Extra Bonus for New TO3000 Users
IV. Resellers wanted.

… and now let us get down to details:

I. Projetex 8 – New Update.

A lot of translation agencies upgraded to Version 8 of Projetex in January 2011. Early upgraders already had a chance to experience new features of the new version and incorporate them into their work processes. Also, these translation agencies had a unique chance to propose changes and enhancements to Version 8.

We have divided suggestions we have received into 2 parts. First part is ready! Today we have released new version 8.0.5 with the following changes:

+ Better Compatibility with Windows 7.
+ Better Compatibility with Windows Vista.
+ Better compatibility with Windows Firewall.
+ New Feature: Drag&Drop in Files.
+ multiple other enhancements and fixes.
Update is recommended.

We continue our development work based on your suggestions. You may expect even more features and enhancements during coming months. All updates are available free of charge to registered users.

For those of you who did not manage to upgrade with a discount, we have decided to provide another chance to do it from 23 February to 28 February. The link will be available during these 5 days:

If you did not use Projetex at all, please, continue reading. There is good news for you.

II. Extra Bonus for New Users of Projetex

If you are new to Projetex and would like to bring power of Projetex to your translation agency, the time has never been so right! Only from 23 February until 23 March we have special licensing conditions for new Projetex Users:

1. 15% savings compared to official price. 2. Free AnyCount Enterprise License for the same number of workstations (up to EUR999 value – Price of AnyCount Enterprise Site License).

Please, follow the link below to get your license and bonus.

Our support team will follow-up with a bonus shortly after purchase of the license.

You are welcome to check out listings of other translation agencies using Projetex at

III. Extra Bonus for New Users of TO3000

If you are freelance translator or one-person translation agency, we have good news for you as well. Between 23 February and 23 March we have special licensing conditions for new TO3000 Users:

1. 15% savings compared to official price. 2. Free AnyCount Professional License – EUR79 value. Please, follow the link below to get your license and bonus.

Our support team will follow-up with a bonus shortly after purchase of the license.

IV. Resellers wanted!

AIT’s products are well known around the world by translators and translation agencies.

We have resellers of AIT products in USA, Spain, Poland, Hungary, China, Bulgaria and Republic of South Africa. Now we are looking for companies interested in becoming reseller of AIT products in other countries. Resellers enjoy special conditions, discussed individually.

If you interested in becoming reseller of AIT products (TO3000, Projetex, AnyCount) in your country, please contact Vitaly Pedchenko at: [at]

That’s all current news…

May upcoming spring bring you easier deadlines and higher per word rates!

Sincerely yours,

Vladimir Pedchenko, Managing Director,

and AIT Software Development Team:
Alexander Vaga, Oleksandr Smerychansky, Sergey Snicarenko, Vitaly Pedchenko, Yaroslav Mykhailovskiy, Alexandr Dyatlov, Alexandr Yarosevich, Vitaly Nikolaev, Konstantin Kolychev, Stanislav Korobka, Elena Pilipenko, Olga Yaroshovets, Anastasiya Mihaluk, Anatoliy But, Pavlo Slatinskyi, Olga Shykura, Yevgeniy Kurinnoy, Alexey Isaenko, Mykola Antoniuk, Anton Kulikov, Svyatoslav Chernyaev, Olga Shtefan, Maksim Karganov, Igor Martynyuk,

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