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KYIV, September 9, 2016 – Advanced International Translations (AIT) announced the release of Projetex 3D, the latest version of Projetex, the industry-leading translation project management software. The original version of Projetex was tailored for small and medium-sized translation agencies, but the new 3D version includes enterprise-grade features such as 3D reports, a knowledgebase, and improved tools for managing prospects and applicants. Developed to streamline workflow processes in translation agencies, Projetex enables the effective management of client relationships, project administration, human resources, and accounting for language-service providers of any scale.

Volodymyr Pedchenko, AIT’s Managing Director, says, “We have seen many translation agencies that have purchased Projetex go from one or two workstations up to 20+ over the years. One IT and translation company from China launched an IPO several months after purchasing Projetex. Of course, that cannot be attributed solely to their use of our translation management software, but it did play a key part in moving their organization to the next level. The current release is devoted to increasing the efficiency of translation project managers’ work within the enterprise and offering enterprise-grade analytics features. It is also completely ready for the web client and web vendor portals, which will be released later this year.”

To improve customer relationship management, the new 3D version features the Prospects module, which allows translation agencies to collect and archive information about potential customers of translation, internationalization and localization services in one location. A translation sales team can negotiate with leads, create quotes, and send emails directly from the program. When an agreement is reached, a prospect can be converted into a client with one click.

Another addition to Projetex 3D is the Applicants module, which considerably simplifies the recruitment process. The Applicants module allows translation agencies to assemble vital data about candidates, such as their personal information, CV information, quotes, and rates. It will help translation agencies communicate with applicants to freelance and in-house translator positions efficiently and choose those who meet specified requirements.

The new Knowledgebase allows translation agencies to internally store and distribute information. It is designed to let translation project managers, in-house translators, HR team members, sales representatives, and accountants find work-related content, such as manuals or documentation.

Projetex 3D features new 3D reports based on an online analytical processing (OLAP) cube. An OLAP cube is a data structure that provides quick information analyses by overcoming the limitations of relational databases. This new feature allows companies to create comprehensive, valuable reports with minimal effort.

In addition to the enterprise-grade analytics functions, the user interface was updated. With the multiple-document interface (MDI), users can now work with multiple windows simultaneously in tabs and switch between them. In addition to the MDI, users can now choose skins for a more pleasant visual appearance

The database engine at the core of Projetex has been changed from open-source Firebird to enterprise-level (but still free to fulfill most users’ requirements) Microsoft SQL Server Express. Microsoft SQL Server Express is a secure, stable system for managing data that provides reliable data storage in Projetex 3D and fosters speedy access to databases. Microsoft SQL Server Express is particularly suitable for remote connections, and it ensures that the translation management software functions conveniently and effectively.

The new 3D version introduces a dashboard that includes 11 widgets to give users insight into open translation projects, incomplete or uninvoiced client jobs, invoices, and purchase orders that are overdue or due soon. It will help businesses keep abreast of their performance and identify data that is particularly relevant at any point.

About AIT

AIT is the leading supplier of translation management software for translation agencies and freelance translators. Since 1998, AIT has developed 11 software tools for translators and language-service providers. AIT released its first translation management software in 2001, and it now has more licensed users than any other company of its type.

Projetex is the best-selling translation management software designed specifically for language-service providers. It powers over 1000 translation agencies around the world. Projetex is the third product in AIT’s successful product line of efficiency tools for translators. AIT’s line includes three products:

AnyCount — the most accurate wordcount software — de facto industry standard word count software covering 36 file formats.

Translation Office 3000 — easy-to-use translation management software for freelance translators that optimizes accounting of translation jobs and ensures efficiency and profitable business.

Projetex — industry-leading translation management software for translation agencies.

For more information, visit https://www.translationmanagementsoftware.com.


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