Projetex 9.0 Released! The New Version of the Leading Translation Management Software!

Translation Management Software for Translation Agencies


We have just released Projetex 9.0,

the brand new version of our leading translation management software!

What’s inside? In addition to an already great set of features, we have conducted a complete re-work of both interface and database parts:

Projetex 9.0 comes with Full Unicode support!

it means that each and every data piece in the whole application can be entered in many languages.

You do not have to switch locales anymore! You will not see ????? signs instead of your local language and can enter client data, project data, and freelance data in many locales simultaneously:

Unicode - translation agency

Database engine upgraded!
While we have used good old Firebird 1.5 until Projetex 8.0, time has come to upgrade to the latest Firebird 2.5.1 SuperServer:
“The open source Firebird® relational database management system performs excellently and scales impressively, from an embedded, single-user model to enterprise-wide deployments with multiple 500+Gb databases running with hundreds of simultaneous clients. Database up to 20 Terabytes supported”

“Firebird is free for commercial and educational usage: no license fees, installation or activation restrictions. No double licensing – Firebird license is based on Mozilla Public License. It is used by approximately 1 million of software developers worldwide.”
“High performance, small footprint, supreme scalability, silent and simple installation and 100% royalty-free deployment, and ability to create backup copy without stopping database make Firebird a highly attractive choice”
Other enhancements include:
  • Upgraded architecture, enabling fast deployment of new features on your request;
  • Enhanced scheduler;
  • Upgraded export engine;
  • Upgraded reporting engine;
  • Upgraded import utility;
  • Virtualization support;
  • Multiple bug fixes and enhancements.Currently we have a special promo offering 20% off new licenses and upgrades:AIT offer 20%

    Time to upgrade your business processes has never been so right!

    Click Here to save and start preparing for 2012!

    Enjoy and feel free to e-mail us with any questions you may have at

    After upgrade to 9.0 you are eligible for free upgrades to all the future minor versions. You are welcome to participate in its further development by suggesting new features and enhancements.

    P.S. If you are new to Projetex, feel free to download it and try all its features. You may also request free online presentation by the member of our staff, or Start a chat with one of our team members (when available).

    P.P.S. If you have read so far, feel free to save exra 10% (total of 30%!) by requesting bank wire transfer invoice from our accounting department. Just write to Aleksander Zhyla at We would rather make discount to you than pay our credit card processing company 🙂

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