How many cores do translators use for word count?

Translation Management and Word CountTranslation Management and Word CountTranslation Management and Word Count

Did you know that your PC may have more than one ‘brain’ inside?

Well, It is still one physical chip but there are more than 1 logical ‘core’.

Most modern computers ship with multi-core processors. E.g., Intel Core i3 processor has 2 cores, Core i5 processor – between 2 and 4 cores, Intel Core i7 processor – between 2 and 4 cores.

And know what?


Only 1 out of 10 software packages explicitely support multi-core processing.

Let’s go straight to the topic of this article: How many cores do translators use for word count?

Now the answer is simple – as many as they want!

We’ve just published the official release of version 8 of our ultimate word count tool – AnyCount with 3 new features:

check icon Modern interface. We’ve kept it as easy as always. Plus added nice style and new icons.

Anycount all formats

check icon Word Count Advisor: Hints are shown around the program. The feature will be useful for novices. Pro’s can turn it off by unchecking Show Hints in General Settings tab.

Anycount hints

And the most important innovation:

check icon Upgraded Text Count Engine, which works faster, especially on multi-core processors.

Anycount multicore

Now you have a chance to upgrade your AnyCount to use resources of your PC at full throttle!

If you do it now, you can use our September special offer – all AIT products (including AnyCount, Translation Office 3000 and Projetex (!)) at 21% off:

Focus on translation

Click Here to order or feel free to ask any questions through our technical support.

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