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The following tables compare features of all versions of Projetex. These tables show new features in every Projetex version. Main features are the same in all versions.

Departments Projetex 2005 Projetex 2006 Projetex Version 7 Projetex Version 8
System Administrators
  • Firebird SQL Relational Database;
  • Easy maintenance: database backups, database updates and database upgrades;
  • Manageable access to every area of database;
  • Easy customization
  • Server Administrator fully supports Windows Vista;
  • New system of counting number of copies running in the network concurrently;
  • Folder for Database Backup may be customized
  • Active Server connections can be displayed in Projetex 7.0 Server Administrator;
  • List of online users can be viewed from Projetex 7.0 Server and in Projetex 7.0 Workstation;
  • Faster database server: Data exchange rate between Server and Workstation has been improved
  • Better compatibility with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows Firewall;
  • Most of corporate setting in Projetex Server Administrator can be configured without shutting down a database;
  • Database can be backed up as ZIP archive to save drive space;
  • Automated backup engine with flexible settings;
  • Support of Virtual Machine Software

General Management

  • Project Profiles are based on Client Jobs Totals, Corporate Jobs Totals and Freelance Jobs Totals – indicator of particular project profitability
  • New global variables added: name of the logged-in user and his position;
  • Additional output formats for all Projetex 2006 documents (Invoices, Payments, POs, etc.) — Microsoft Word (.DOC) and Adobe Acrobat (.PDF)
  • Customizable corporate workflow documents (job assignments, purchase orders, invoices, quotes);
  • Improved file manager;
  • Built-in AnyCount 6.0 text count engine. Numbers in AnyCount notes are now aligned into distinct columns;
  • General Prices for Freelancers: Accessible as reference source for acceptable prices for translation agency’s projects
  • 50% increase in speed for databases with large amounts of data working over LAN and 15 times increase in speed – over Internet (FastFire ® Connectivity);
  • Connection through Internet does not require VPN connection;
  • Improved file manager. Revision Control function is implemented;
  • Custom fields for Invoices, JAs and POs are available;
  • Improved users and access management;
  • Improved calendar. It is possible to type date, month and year data in calendars manually;
  • Improved interface

Sales Representatives

  • Profiles of Clients are clearly visible at any moment in time
  • Marketing Tracking notes can contain more information;
  • Customization of Postal Address Format is available
  • Consistency in pricing is maintained through General Prices — Prices relationship;
  • Recording of both prices and quotes;
  • Marketing Notes and Marketing Tracker are available;
  • Custom Fields: ability to add custom fields to Client Profile
  • Local Custom Filter is available for Marketing tracker

Project Managers

  • Profiles of Freelancers and Corporate Experts are clearly visible at any moment in time;
  • Indicator of particular project profitability
  • Improved management of custom reports;
  • Vivid icons of Clients, Experts, and Projects in all Schedules;
  • Convenient jump feature in all Projetex windows from currently selected item;
  • Progress bar for building Schedules for long periods of time;
  • Indicator for jobs beyond the scope of the schedule;
  • Custom Filter for filtering the set of projects and jobs
  • Project and job records can be filtered by various conditions;
  • Quick expert assignment;
  • Custom fields in Jobs and Quotes for even more database customization;
  • Project file management options: automatically creation and maintenance consistent and logical folder structure;
  • Built-in FTP client available directly on Files tab for quick access to Clients and Experts FTP folders
  • Large tables can be split to pages with defined number of rows shown at one time;
  • Discount and taxes are remembered from each client and freelancer;
  • Local Custom Filter is added to schedules;
  • Templates are kept in the central storage;
  • Improved calendar

Human Resources Managers

  • Easy to use: low time & low costs of extra training for Team Members
  • Added Adjustments value (like Expenses in TO3000 V7) in Invoices and POs to correct Total Amount Due
  • Ability to create and continuously enhance shared database of freelance experts;
  • Unlimited number of custom fields for freelance experts database, with various types: Number, Checkbox, String, Text, Date, Time, etc.;
  • Application Tracker and Application Notes enable a user to track progress of particular applicant
  • Job volume is re-counted automatically if volume unit has been changed;
  • New corporate and freelancer jobs can be automatically marked as approved;
  • Projetex Import Utility supports import of clients and freelancers from XML files

Corporate Experts

  • Files and folders are organized in single central place, consistency of their organization is maintained automatically
  • Improved CatCount engine;
  • Upgraded built-in word count instrument AnyCount 5.0
  • Completed jobs management;
  • Time management: Easily see how much time is left for particular job;
  • Done, Due today and Overdue job status: Clearly see which jobs are done, due today and overdue;
  • Work files management: Quickly navigate in the folders of job assignments
  • Integrated file explorer with multiple functions;
  • All files are stored on both server and local computer and exchanged through new file explorer;
  • Built-in Enterprise edition of wordcount engine AnyCount 7.0


  • Accounting is possible using multiple currencies, which translate into selected company’s Base Currency;
  • All documents (quotes, invoices, POs) can be saved as RTF files using special RTF templates
  • Corporate Expenses and Operating Profit figures are calculated and displayed;
  • Payment Terms for freelancers upgraded;
  • Multiple payment methods are supported
  • Automatic numbering of workflow documents;
  • Flexible system of linking payments with invoices;
  • Account-based management of Projects and Client;
  • Mass action: Quick generation of multiple Invoices, Purchase Orders and Payments;
  • Phantom payment notes can be added
  • New default Custom Reports;
  • Calculate Totals button is replaced by automated summary line always shown at the bottom of the table;
  • Improved Export option




Departments Projetex Version 9 Projetex Version 10 Projetex Version 3D
System Administrators
  • Upgraded architecture, enabling fast deployment of new features on your request;
  • Upgraded database engine;
  • Improved support of Virtual Machine Software
  • Full support of Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012
  • A date of annual numbering resets is now selectable;
  • New Database engine: Microsoft SQL
  • New backstage provides immediate access to appearance, corporate and admin settings
  • The assignment of administrator rights to a Projetex user is enabled
  • A multiple-choice custom field is added

General Management

  • Fully Unicode-based. Now any characters are displayed correctly;
  • 13 new localizations added;
  • Improved interface
  • Email reminders for Projects, Clients, Quotes, Client Jobs, Corporate Jobs, Freelance Jobs, Invoices, POs;
  • Audit logging is added.
  • A new “Base Unit” feature with a possibility to set units exchange rates;
  • Multiple-Document Interface: users will now be able to work with multiple windows simultaneously, as well as to open required amount of windows in tabs and switch between them
  • New knowledgebase allows storing and sharing work-related content among employees
  • New global search allows keyword search across the entire program

Sales Representatives

  • Upgraded reporting engine
  • “Create Invoice” button for Edit Client Job window;
  • Quotes can now include taxes and discounts;
  • Automatic display of local time at client or translator location;
  • Prospects management is enhanced with new added prospects module
  • Sending emails right from the program is now possible
  • The ability to add social links and logo to clients’ profiles is now available

Project Managers

  • Upgraded Import Utility;
  • Secure FTP support;
  • Enhanced Scheduler
  • Application-wide support for base volume units, similarly to base currency;
  • Jobs can be modified within an Invoice, JA or PO edit window;
  • Credit notes functionality is extended, issue of refund enabled
  • New dashboard features a set of widgets that give an insight into open projects, uncompleted or uninvoiced client jobs, invoices and purchase orders that are overdue or due soon

Human Resources Managers

  • Upgraded export engine
  • Corporate Experts can now be paid both by hours and by words, etc;

  • Corporate Experts now can have their currencies, price lists, payments, balances, etc;

  • Candidates management is enhanced with new added  applicants module
  • Calendars enhanced
Corporate Experts
  • New icons in Projetex interface
  • Experience Stats Added
  • Folder sorting is now available in Projetex File Manager;
  • The user interface is renewed for more pleasant visual performance
  • Now Payment can be created from Invoice window
  • “Mark as Paid” button for POs;
  • Reports can be assigned to different groups
  • New Group by option with calculation of subtotals in most tables displayed;
  • New dynamic reports: users will now be able to drag and drop parameters in order to create fitting report


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