Version 7

Projetex7Build 719/7019 – 16 August 2010

  • Percentage of Gross Freelance Production based on POs in Balance tab of Freelancer window is now calculated properly.
  • Assigned date of new corporate/freelance job from Projects > Project > Tree tab is now based on proper date of client job instead of 30/12/1899.
  • Excel AutoFilter in XLS format of Local Reports now works properly.
  • Minor fixes in headers and footers of Local Reports.

Build 718/7018 – 16 June 2010

  • Finnish and Slovenian localizations added.
  • Local Report export to XLS has been improved.
  • Improved local custom filter settings on Freelancer > Main page.
  • Tabs at the top are now left justified.
  • -None- is added as default item in Client PM drop-down list when creating new project.
  • Emails and phones are now shown in freelancer’ search results window.
  • Schedule scale settings are now remembered.
  • Bug that occurred while switching from Projects to Clients area in case of specific locale settings has been fixed.
  • Bug that occurred while attempting to delete invoice adjustment has been fixed.
  • Duplicating of header panel on some pages has been removed.
  • Assigned date of new corporate/freelance job is now based on proper date of client job within certain project instead of project’s assigned date.
  • Images placed into shapes are now displayed correctly in templates.
  • Bug that occurred while changing deadline date has been fixed.
  • Minor fixes in backup procedure.Build 717/7017 – 28 April 2010
  • French localization added.
  • Minor enhancements and fixes.Build 716/7016 – 3 March 2010
  • Minor enhancements and fixes.Build 715/7015 – 4 February 2010
  • Greek and Turkish localizations added.
  • Minor enhancements and fixes.Build 714/7014 – 27 May 2009
  • Major improvements in simultaneous access by multiple users.
  • Minor enhancements and fixes.Build 713/7013 – 22 April 2009
  • Corporate and freelance job custom field variables now can be addedto job assignment and purchase order templates respectively.
  • PO creation error has been fixed.
  • Alphabetical order sorting of words that include special characters with caron element has been fixed.
  • Bug with closing jobs of uncompleted projects has been fixed.
  • Sample custom reports have been updated to support latest database.
  • Minor updates of German, Polish and Italian localizations.
  • Minor enhancements and fixes.Build 712/7012 – 27 March 2009
  • Estonian localization added.
  • New Invoice template variables have been added. Invoices can now be printed both in client’s currency and in base currency.
  • New PO template variables have been added. POs can now be printed both in freelancer’s currency and in base currency. Minor enhancements and fixes.Build 711/7011 – 20 March 2009
  • Croatian and German localizations added.
  • Operation performance of large databases has been optimized and improved.
  • Concurrent access to database by multiple users has been improved.Press F5 key to refresh data in any Projetex 7.0 window.
  • Last selected grid is now being memorized in most of the Projetex 7.0 tables.
  • Variables, displaying incorrect negative values under certain locale settings have been fixed.
  • Minor enhancements and fixes.Build 710/7010 – 05 February 2009
  • Polish localization added.
  • Freelancer Search window can now be resized.
  • Invoice and PO Global Codes annual reset has been fixed.
  • CATCount algorithm has been corrected to account for custom units with multiple words equivalent.
  • Minor enhancements and fixes.Build 709/7009 – 24 December 2008
  • Slovak localization added.
  • Italian localization has been updated.
  • Mass Action interface has been updated: Mass Invoicing can now return:
    – One Invoice per Client (all uninvoiced Client Jobs of each Client will be included into one invoice);
    – One Project per Invoice (all uninvoiced Client Jobs of particular Project will be included into one invoice);
    – One Client Job per Invoice.
  • Same way, Mass Payments from Client can be configured to create:
    – One Payment per Client (one payment from Client, covering the whole due amount of outstanding invoices);
    – One Payment per Invoice (separate payments, covering due amount of each outstanding invoice).
  • Mass Payments to Freelancers can now be configured as follows:
    – One Payment per Freelancer (one payment to each Freelancer, covering the whole due amount of outstanding POs);
    – One Payment per Project (separate payment, covering total amount of POs, issued to each Freelancer within certain Project).
    – One Payment per PO (separate payments, covering total amount each PO).
  • Business folder address can now be entered manually, without the need to browse entire network.
  • Business folder can now be mapped on separate PC (like file server) or network drive.
  • Minor enhancements and fixes.Build 708/7008 – 31 October 2008
  • Bulgarian and Dutch localization added.
  • Minor enhancements and fixes.Build 707/7007 – 15 September 2008
  • Chinese (Simplified), Hungarian, Italian, Romanian, Ukrainian localization added.
  • Minor enhancements and fixes.Build 706/7006 – 13 August 2008
  • Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, Hebrew, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil) localization added.
  • Decimal symbol now can be entered by pressing decimal separator key on numeric keyboard regardless of language and locale settings.
  • Flags are now available in Freelancer and Corporate Expert Chooser windows.
  • Minor enhancements and fixes.Build 705/7005 – 25 July 2008
  • Local custom filter has been improved. Clients can be filtered by account manager.
  • Data in Japanese can be now displayed correctly.
  • Minor enhancements and fixes.Build 704/7004 – 21 July 2008
  • Font size of GUI can now be scaled — font used in GUI (i.e. buttons, drop-down lists, labels and so on) can now be changed with the help of menu Settings > Current user.
  • Custom fields of jobs are now displayed in grids — custom fields of client, corporate and freelance jobs are now displayed in general tables (not only in forms).
  • Custom variables of client job custom fields now work in invoice templates.
  • Locale settings have been revised.
  • Spanish localization added — Projetex 7.0 has been localized in Spanish.
  • Work space on Main tab can now be extended up to the full screen.
  • Multiple/minor enhancements and fixes. Upgrade is highly recommended.Build 703/7003 – 20 May 2008
  • Russian localization.
  • Multiple enhancements and fixes. Upgrade is highly recommended.Build 702/7002 – 25 April 2008
  • Minor enhancements.Build 701/7001 – 17 April 2008
  • Account-based management: Account Managers now are assigned Accounts instead of Clients. Client can have single account (like it was before) or multiple accounts, with a number of Projects and Account Managers assigned to them.
  • Custom fields in Jobs and Quotes for even more database customization.
  • Mass action: quick generation of multiple Invoices, Purchase Orders and Payments.
  • Improved file manager: additional options to further enhance work files management: with a few clicks now all relevant folders (like all Job Assignment and
  • Purchase orders folders of a certain project) can now be opened in the second field of Files tab.
  • File management options in Edit job windows.
  • Built-in FTP client available directly on Files tab for quick access to Clients and Experts FTP folders.
  • AnyCount 6.0: Projetex 7.0 now features built-in bestselling AnyCount 6.0 text count engine. Numbers in AnyCount notes are now aligned into distinct columns.
  • New version of reporting engine: — Projetex 7.0 now features built-in latest FastReport 4.2 report compiling engine.
  • Wizards function introduced: New Client, Contact, Account, Service, Quote, Invoice and PO can now be created from any window of Projetex Workstation.
  • Freelancer search option is now available in Freelancers window.
  • Invoicing policy settings can be configured in client’s profile, allowing to track if a client job is ready for invoicing or not.
  • Last accessed folder on the Files tab is now remembered.
  • All unfinished jobs can be automatically closed when closing the project.
  • Phantom payment notes can now be added.
  • Expert can now be assigned directly from Job Dialog window.
  • Info notes can be now broken down by types.
  • Apply button in all «edit» windows allows to immediately enter changes to database without closing and re-opening the window.
  • Job status filters available in schedules.
  • CATCount can now process Logoport logs in addition to Trados logs.
  • Additional Project and Job statuses — «On Hold» and «Planned».
  • Easy Project deletion, allowing to quickly delete all project jobs along with project.
  • Contact Photos picture size has been increased to 110×120 pixels.
  • Active Server connections can now be displayed in Projetex 7.0 Server Administrator.
  • List of online users can now be viewed from Projetex 7.0 Server and in Projetex 7.0 Workstation.
  • Faster database server — data exchange rate between Server and Workstation has been improved.
  • Localization support — can now be easily localized into your language.


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