Version 8



Version 8.5
Comprehensive and Easy-to-Use File Management:

  • Projetex8Lock and Unlock – signal to your colleagues that you are working on the files
  • Version Control – keep history of all changes to the files. Download any past version of the file.
  • Team>Upload Changes and Team>Clear Locks. Makes end of business day team-friendly and hassle-free.
  • Better Compatibility with Windows 7.
  • Better Compatibility with Windows Vista.
  • Better compatibility with Windows Firewall.
  • New Feature: Drag&Drop in Files.
  • Multiple Other Enhancements.
  • 10% increase in speed for databases with large amounts of data.

FastFire ® Connectivity – Fast connectivity over both LAN and Internet using technology. Developed during recent 4 years

Version 8.0.46:

  • Major improvements in connection speed for operation through Internet. Now Projetex can run through Internet 10 times faster.
  • Access to files on Server does not require VPN connection and additional configuration while working through Internet.
  • Integrated file explorer with multiple functions.
  • All files are now stored on both server and local computer and exchanged through new file explorer.
  • Custom fields for Invoices, JAs and POs are now available.
  • Page mode is introduced – large tables can be split to pages with defined number of rows shown at one time.
  • Projetex now can be run under all common virtual machine software.
  • Improved interface. Now Projetex has more comfortable and modern interface.
  • New default Custom Reports. Number of default Custom Reports is greatly extended.
  • Most of corporate setting in Projetex Server Administrator can now be configured without shutting down database.
  • AnyCount 7.0 Enterprise. Projetex now includes built-in Enterprise edition of wordcount engine AnyCount 7.0. Additionaly to previous version it supports PPTX, PPSX, PUB, VSD, SLP, BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG and graphic PDF count.
  • Job volume is re-counted automatically if volume unit has been changed.
  • Automated backup engine with flexible settings.
  • Database can be backed up as ZIP archive to save drive space.
  • New corporate and freelancer jobs can be automatically marked as approved.
  • Projetex Import Utility supports import of clients and freelancers from XML files.
  • Major enhancements and fixes in Jump function.
  • Calculate Totals button is replaced by automated summary line always shown at the bottom of the table.
  • Local Custom Filter is now available for Schedules sections and Marketing tracker.
  • Local Custom Filter now allows to filter jobs by both completed date and status (yes/no).
  • Major improvements in filtering by Custom Fields using Local Custom Filter.
  • Major improvements in Local Report block.
  • Now it is possible to disable Local Report and Custom Report view for certain users.
  • Now it is possible to disable Export to TXT/Export to CSV option for common lists of Clients, Projects, Corporate experts and Freelancers for certain users.
  • Access to RTF Templates settings can be disabled for certain users.
  • Any user can be forcedly disconnected in Connected Users view both in Server and Workstation.
  • Improved calendar. Now you can type date, month and year data in calendars manually.
  • New version of integrated report engine Fast Report 4.9 is included.
  • Custom Field Variables work correctly in templates.


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Atlantic Language Services and Projetex: the partner in the company development

Atlantic Language Services (Plymouth, United Kingdom) is dedicated to providing a full range of language services to people and organisations who need to communicate effectively across linguistic and cultural barriers. Foreign language translations, interpreting and tuition are supplied by a team of professionals, who combine unsurpassed quality with a fast, reliable and accurate service, assuring scrupulous attention to detail at all times.

Projetex Licenses: 1 Server, 5 Workstations