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Version 8



Version 8.5
Comprehensive and Easy-to-Use File Management:

  • Projetex8Lock and Unlock – signal to your colleagues that you are working on the files
  • Version Control – keep history of all changes to the files. Download any past version of the file.
  • Team>Upload Changes and Team>Clear Locks. Makes end of business day team-friendly and hassle-free.
  • Better Compatibility with Windows 7.
  • Better Compatibility with Windows Vista.
  • Better compatibility with Windows Firewall.
  • New Feature: Drag&Drop in Files.
  • Multiple Other Enhancements.
  • 10% increase in speed for databases with large amounts of data.

FastFire ® Connectivity – Fast connectivity over both LAN and Internet using technology. Developed during recent 4 years

Version 8.0.46:

  • Major improvements in connection speed for operation through Internet. Now Projetex can run through Internet 10 times faster.
  • Access to files on Server does not require VPN connection and additional configuration while working through Internet.
  • Integrated file explorer with multiple functions.
  • All files are now stored on both server and local computer and exchanged through new file explorer.
  • Custom fields for Invoices, JAs and POs are now available.
  • Page mode is introduced – large tables can be split to pages with defined number of rows shown at one time.
  • Projetex now can be run under all common virtual machine software.
  • Improved interface. Now Projetex has more comfortable and modern interface.
  • New default Custom Reports. Number of default Custom Reports is greatly extended.
  • Most of corporate setting in Projetex Server Administrator can now be configured without shutting down database.
  • AnyCount 7.0 Enterprise. Projetex now includes built-in Enterprise edition of wordcount engine AnyCount 7.0. Additionaly to previous version it supports PPTX, PPSX, PUB, VSD, SLP, BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG and graphic PDF count.
  • Job volume is re-counted automatically if volume unit has been changed.
  • Automated backup engine with flexible settings.
  • Database can be backed up as ZIP archive to save drive space.
  • New corporate and freelancer jobs can be automatically marked as approved.
  • Projetex Import Utility supports import of clients and freelancers from XML files.
  • Major enhancements and fixes in Jump function.
  • Calculate Totals button is replaced by automated summary line always shown at the bottom of the table.
  • Local Custom Filter is now available for Schedules sections and Marketing tracker.
  • Local Custom Filter now allows to filter jobs by both completed date and status (yes/no).
  • Major improvements in filtering by Custom Fields using Local Custom Filter.
  • Major improvements in Local Report block.
  • Now it is possible to disable Local Report and Custom Report view for certain users.
  • Now it is possible to disable Export to TXT/Export to CSV option for common lists of Clients, Projects, Corporate experts and Freelancers for certain users.
  • Access to RTF Templates settings can be disabled for certain users.
  • Any user can be forcedly disconnected in Connected Users view both in Server and Workstation.
  • Improved calendar. Now you can type date, month and year data in calendars manually.
  • New version of integrated report engine Fast Report 4.9 is included.
  • Custom Field Variables work correctly in templates.


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Established in 1997, Novilinguists is a well ranked localisation company on the international arena. Located in Italy, it was founded by two dynamic and dedicated women who have created a flexible team of language professionals to serve the longterm language needs of clients operating in a global business environment. Scalable to meet complex customer localisation needs, Novilinguists believes ‘know-how’ integration is the only valuable client-oriented approach which ensures seamless interaction with ideas, processes and quality, thus creating unparalleled added-value to the final product.

Business Cases


TranzPress and Projetex: The Success Keypoints

TranzPress is one of Hungary’s forefront language service providers offering multilanguage translation and software localisation services as well as DTP. Using the latest translation technologies, the ISO certified company offers services in 80 language pairs.

Projetex licenses: 1 Server, 9 Workstations